Meet new people.
Discover new worlds.

Meet new people.
Discover new worlds.

Meet new people.
Discover new worlds.

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Kippo is a dating and social app for gamers

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We're building a respectful and inclusive community

Zero tolerance for harassment and hate speech
24/7 active moderators and reporting system
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"Kippo is a fantastic addition to the ever expanding sea of dating apps, and with social distancing being so prominent, and Covid-19 still spreading, video games are a perfect place to get to know someone new."

— Richard Coyle

"Ugly stereotypes might tell you the online gaming crowd is never the world’s most socially savvy club, but the widespread proliferation of online games from consoles to tablet to cellphones should put that nonsense to rest. Kippo is a way for socially active people who enjoy gaming to meet not a pressure valve for frustrated, homebound loners."

— John Scott Lewinski
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