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How can I download Kippo?

Search for "Kippo" on the iOS App Store or visit our download link

Is Kippo FREE to use?

Yup Kippo is FREE and always will be! But we also have a premium subscription tier called Kippo Infinity to help enhance your experience even more, like way more.

Is Kippo available in my country?

Kippo is a pretty new app and we're focusing on growing in the NA region first. We understand that gaming is a global community and hope that we can bring Kippo to the world as soon as possible. We don't have a rollout plan for global expansion at this time but we will make sure to keep everyone updated as soon as we have news!

When is Kippo coming to Android?!

We're currently working on building the Android version of Kippo and super excited for it to be ready. We don't have an ETA yet but we will make sure to blast it out to all our socials when it's ready, so go follow us :)